Monk fruit zero sugar syrup

The zero-sugar syrup can be added without restriction. It will not enter the body's metabolic system after eating, will not be absorbed by the small intestine, will hardly affect blood sugar, will not increase the burden on the organs, and will be excreted directly with urine after entering the human body. Its natural, zero-sugar, zero-fat, and low-calorie characteristics allow consumers to eat with peace of mind, no sugar, no weight gain, no dental caries, and no burden on health and safety.

Commercial zero-sugar low-calorie coffee/bubble tea syrup Commercial zero-sugar low-calorie fruit tea syrup
Net content:1L/bottle Net content:1L/bottle
Applied range: Italian coffee, all kinds of Bubble tea or coffee Cocoa, dairy beverages Applied range:all kinds of fruit tea or tea drinks
Features: 2.5 times sweetness (compared to sucrose in sweetness), Brown, enhance the fragrant taste of coffee beans and dairy products Features: 2.5 times sweetness (compared to sucrose in sweetness), Transparent and colorless, sweet and non-greasy
Calorie reference: each 10ML ≈ 13 kcal

Convenient and versatile

The zero-sugar syrup can replace all the syrups originally used in the drink shop, and match the original single-product drinks to achieve a seamless connection. It can be perfectly integrated with all kinds of fruit tea, milk tea, coffee and other beverages, so there is no need to re-develop products in the store. You can directly replace the original syrup by fine-tuning the proportion of syrup according to the sweetness. The operation is simple and convenient, and does not increase any technical threshold.

Create a hot style

The zero sugar syrup has the characteristics of zero sugar, zero fat and low calories. It conforms to the current wave of sugar reduction and control. The raw materials of the products are all natural ingredients. The zero-sugar trait can be applied to all people, especially for people who are afraid of sugar, which can be described as just in need. It does not increase blood sugar, gain weight, or cause tooth decay. The ingredients are pure and natural, and the elderly, children, pregnant women, diabetes, and high-level people can eat it with peace of mind. Monk fruit ingredients contained in our zero-sugar products can fully stimulate the aroma and fragrance of the food itself, and can ensure a refreshing taste, so that it is sweet but not greasy, with zero burden on drinking, inject a new explosive soul into your various categories of items.

Performance improvement

The zero-sugar syrup products that have been on the market have been investigated by physical stores, and the single products added with zero-sugar syrup have achieved a higher repurchase rate:

  1. Satisfying the discerning taste buds: The zero sugar syrup is made of pure natural raw materials, and its sweetness curve is close to that of sucrose. It has a refreshing taste without greasiness and can be perfectly integrated with all kinds of drinks. The taste is pure, the mouth feels good, the aftertaste is sweet, not bitter, and the throat is not greasy and not acidic;
  2. Meet the needs of diverse people: zero sugar syrup, zero sugar, zero fat, low calories, drink no sugar, not afraid of fat, will not cause tooth decay, suitable for all ages, fitness shaping, sugar control, and people who are afraid of sugar can eat with confidence;
  3. Feedback from the first-line sales market data: Compared with drinks with ordinary syrup, drinks with zero-sugar syrup are not easy to cause fullness. Often one drink is not enough, and they want to have another one. Because Jingzhefang’s zero-sugar syrup has zero sugar, zero fat and is healthy It has no burden and the taste is sweet and not greasy, which allows consumers to lower the psychological threshold, buy with confidence, and the repurchase rate is significantly increased.

Compared with ordinary drinks with traditional syrup (coffee, milk tea, fruit tea, etc.):

  1. Example for comparing the usage of single cup of syrup: If the traditional syrup amount added to a single cup of a drink is 25ml/cup, the amount of added syrup for zero-sugar syrup is 10ml/cup, which can ensure the consistency of taste and sweetness and reduce the amount of sugar used. The cost of syrup per drink can also be controlled;
  2. Comparison of consumer's physiological and psychological feelings: At present, the amount of fruit glucose syrup added in any cup of ordinary milk tea/fruit tea/milk coffee drinks on the market is more than 25ml/cup, and some single products are even as high as 60-80ml/cup, while excessive consumption of fruit glucose syrup And sucrose may cause confusion in new insulin and increase the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The chemical structure of fruit glucose syrup and sucrose stimulates appetite and may cause the liver to export more triglycerides that threaten the safety of the heart into the blood. Moreover, the fruit glucose syrup is difficult to be excreted after entering the blood, and the burden and harm to the body are irreversible. Therefore, the consumption of fruit glucose syrup will cause greater burden and harm to the human body. (Compared to zero sugar syrup, fruit glucose syrup is more likely to cause a feeling of fullness, with a sweet and greasy taste and a strong sticky throat, which makes it impossible to drink anything after a cup or half of a cup).