GUILIN HENGLIYUAN BIOTECH CO. , LTD. established in 2013, It is the 1st large-scale and intensive Monk Fruit enterprise in China that focuses on the R&D, production, storage, sales for the new generation health products of monk fruit. Monk fruit sweetener in food application solutions professional provider.

We have 4400 square meter of standard factory with 380 square meter ten thousand grade medical clean workshop, and apply the leading vacuum microswave low-temperature dehydration and drying equipment and plant cell physical micro breaking and wall breaking equipment and Granulating machinery to deep processing production of Monk Fruit. We are one of Member of China Monk Fruit Association.Approved by ISO22000/HACCP /FDA.We own 2000 acres planting base, located in Guilin which is the original source.Grow with organic fertilizer.

The annual output of Monk fruit substitutes series products is 1,080 tons, Ginger tea series products is 1,020 tons.

The annual output of Monk fruit series products reaches 2,000 tons and 10 million pieces, covering domestic and foreign OEM, e-commerce, foreign trade, export, supermarket and other channels.