Company History

Company History

2020-The annual output of HENGLIYUAN Monk fruit Substitutes series products is 1,080 tons, Ginger tea series products is 1,020 tons.The main coverage channels are OEM, e-commerce, and cross-border e-commerce.

2019-The annual output of HENGLIYUAN Monk fruit series products reaches 2,000 tons and 10 million pieces.Approved by ISO22000/HACCP /FDA

2018-The Han Guo Yuan brand Monk fruit refreshing spray originally developed by HENGLIYUAN come into the market.The new dust-free clean workshop began to operate, and the quality control and production capacity of Monk fruit deep-processed products achieved a big leap.

2017-HENGLIYUAN has its own 2000 acres selenium-enriched organic Monk fruit planting base, which has successfully grown fruits after careful planting and management. The Ministry of Commerce organizes "One Belt One Road" multi-country delegation visit HENGLIYUAN production base.

2016-The brand Han Guo Yuan of HENGLIYUAN’s Tmall flagship store opened.HENGLIYUAN began in-depth cooperation with related experts and institutions to develop Monk fruit related products,a large number of derivative products developed in depth with Monk fruit began to trial.

2015-HENGLIYUAN low-temperature dehydrated Monk fruit products received overseas orders and started export,The self-owned brand Han Guo Yuan also began to divide the Han Guo Yuan gift box series, the Baishou Tea Companion Gift series, Jingzhefang Flower Nectar and Tea series.

2014-In order to accelerate the market’s understanding of low-temperature dehydrated Monk fruit, HENGLIYUAN Start processing for other brands.In the same year, low-temperature dehydrated Monk fruit began to be widely accepted and recognized by the market,until January 2016, the number of low-temperature dehydrated Monk fruit brands sold on the market reached more than 30.

2013-HENGLIYUAN with the latest microwave dehydration technology was registered and established in LinGui County, Guilin City.The factory is located in YangTang Industrial Park with 6000 ㎡ standard workshop,officially used the "Han Guo Yuan" trademark and started selling low-temperature dehydrated Monk fruit(now the third generation fruit).

2012-Low-temperature baking Monk fruit has been unable to meet HENGLIYUAN's requirements for quality, nutrition and taste,HENGLIYUAN has noticed the advantages of microwave dehydration process on taste and nutrient retention,started to work with equipment manufacturers to build special microwave dehydration equipment for Monk fruit.

2011-As the public’s impression of "black fruit" (now the first generation of fruit) has been deeply rooted,it is quite difficult to promote it,after a long period of market research and promotion, the market has begun to find traces of low-temperature baking Monk fruit. At that time, we called Baishou Tea.

2010-HENGLIYUAN founder found that the use of electric roasting equipment can be used to produce low-temperature baking Monk fruit,with the enthusiasm to change Monk fruit,after many failed attempts, the low-temperature baking Monk fruit was mass-produced for the first time(now the second generation fruit)